10 Abandoned Sports Car Racetracks

10 Abandoned Sports Car Racetracks

There exist many people who are great fans of car races. Since the 90s, the phenomenon of car race has gained an immense level of popularity among the masses. This popularity leads to the establishment of many sports car racetracks, which attracts a considerable number of visitors each season. The phenomenon of car race remains dominant in western countries and has a huge fan following. To keep it intact many racetracks are built to allow the spectators to enjoy the sport.

Moreover, these racetracks have over the year become quite popular because of the car races. However, due to certain circumstances, many drives now stands abandoned. Let us have a look at the ten abandoned sports car race tracks.

10 Abandoned Sports Car Racetracks
10 Abandoned Sports Car Racetracks

1-70  Speedway Sportscar Racetracks

This abandoned race track exists on the outskirts of Odessa in Missouri. The race track took shape in the year 1969 as a short track. The race track was designed exquisitely, and it had individual seats instead of stands. Moreover, the race track also consisted of specific VIP suites as well.

Vineland Speedway Racetracks

This race track is located in New Jersey and was quite popular in 1955. However, the sports car race track now stands in ruin. It took shape in the year 1955, which slowly lost its popularity. Hence it was finally closed down to stand in ruins.

North Wilkesboro Speedway

This race track is one of the most famous abandoned race tracks in the United States. After spending fifty years as sports car race track, it finally closed down in 1996. Reports state that severe financial issues led to close down of the racetrack.

10 Abandoned Sports Car Racetracks
10 Abandoned Sports Car Racetracks

Fuji Speedway NASCAR Racetracks

This racetrack built in the 60s and was the pride of Japan. But it now remains abandoned as the tracks are dangerous to conduct races with modern cars.

Hockenheimring Racetrack

The Hockenheimring Racetrack once was the most famous and oldest racetrack in Germany. The race track in the year 1932. However, it now stands abandoned because of financial instability.

Rouen-Les-Essarts Sportscar Racetrack

This racetrack built in the year 1950 and remained operational till 1994. However, certain financial instability forced its owner to shut it down. Hence till date, the race track stands abandoned and unused.

Autodromo de Sitges-Terramar Racetracks

This racetrack was once the most famous in Spain. But worker’s strike and the dangerous tracks lead to its blacklisting and now stand abandoned.

Autodromo  Nazionale Monza

The racetrack established in the year 1922 and was quite a famous one for its dangerous corners. Moreover, the massive number of the audience also added to its popularity. But over the year many serious accidents were reported because of the dangerous curves. Some accidents even lead to the instant death of racers because of which it stands abandoned.

Keimola Motor Stadium Racetracks

Formula 2 races took place in this racetrack, but financial problems lead to its closure.

Reims Circuit

This racetrack was once very famous in France, but economic instability leads to its closure.