2019 BMW Z4 SDrive 30I First Drive


The new 2019 BMW is a car in its league at the same time it is a car traditionally appealing, as well. The Z4 is one of the most rated car models in recent times. The Z4 and Toyota Supra are produced at the same time; thus, they share several similarities. The 2019 BMW is undoubtedly a car that is exceptionally stylish yet productive.

2019 BMW Z4 SDrive 30I First Drive
2019 BMW Z4 SDrive 30I First Drive

2019 BMW: Exterior Features

The Z4 is styled according to the BMW traditions, meanwhile keeping all the modern vibes alive. The Z4 is a sporty model that is as elegant as a roadster and as athletic as an M automobile. Fascia inspires the Z4’s front grille; however, BMW did replace their traditional beehive design. The Z4 shares its engine with the Toyota Supra, yet it outperforms it. The Z4 is available as an entirely built unit(CBU). The Z4 is convertible and can do so in just under 10seconds; indeed, it is one of the best BMW’s out there. The Z4 has a distinctive rear spoiler along with slim LED lights.

2019 BMW Interior Features

The Z4 has an entirely modern interior, surprisingly. It has a multifunctional front screen. The interior has a classy, sporty touch. The Z4’S interior enhances the whole driving experience, yet it also has a relaxing ambiance for the passengers. The seats are electrically adjustable, therefore, it is very easy to use, and the memory feature allows the user to store the preferred settings. The Z4 has increased storage space as compared to the previous BMW’S. Indeed it has a retaining net, ample cup holders and armrests. The interior is available in a variety of colors. The interior can also be customized.

Specifications Of Z4

The Z4 is a top-end sports car model. It uses a 2.0 l engine with four cylinders. The Z4 delivers somewhere about 255 horsepower(hp) meanwhile also providing 255 lb torque. The Z4 can travel from 0-100 km/h in about 5.4 seconds. The acceleration of the Z4 is also insane. It is very lightweight as compared to other sports cars. The Z4’s horsepower and the torque provided by the four cylinders are no match to that provided by a two-cylinder or one cylinder. The Z4 also has another variant with six cylinders. The Z4’s base price is around $64,450, yet it feels cheap for the sensation it provides.

Some More Specifications Of The Car

The other variant of the Z4 that is the M40i has 382 hp and 369 lbs of torque. The Z4 has a 50:50 weight distribution, which enables the optimum experience. The Z4 has a 2998/1998 cc engine, whereas it has a mileage of 12.8 to  14.4 kmpl. The total fuel tank capacity of the Z4 is 52 liters. The Z4 truly is a masterpiece

2019 BMW Z4 SDrive 30I First Drive
2019 BMW Z4 SDrive 30I First Drive


The Z4 is a perfect sports car, and it consists of all the modern features. It is a high-end car suitable for both sports and traditional use as well. Z4 is also the type of automobile which is loved by everyone.

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