5 Perfect Models For Fast Car Enthusiasts

5 Perfect Models For Fast Car Enthusiasts

For some speed is everything. And that is why the fast car market is booming right now. Car manufacturers gladly take the challenge and create the fastest machines for people who love speed. This is why we have cars right now that can run almost 300 miles per hour.

When talking about the fastest cars on the planet, there are some names that stand out. These vehicles are only for serious riders. The ones who are both addicted to the adrenaline and as well as has the cash to throw away.

Devel Sixteen

We are going to start this list with a car that is just pure insanity. It was first introduced at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show and it wowed even the hard to impress crowd during that time. One that separates this model from the rest is its Quad Turbo V16 engine that produces a monstrous 5,007 hp. There have been reports that this model has reached a speed of 320 to 350 mph. A lot of sports car aficionados predicted it will be a record-breaking car. And it surely did break some.

Dagger GT

Talks about the Dagger GT hitting the roads got viral in 2012. A startup company, TranStar, released their plans and some sneak-peak of the vehicle that they are trying to produce. They claimed that the vehicle would pack 2,000 hp and reach 60 mph in less than 2.0 seconds. The actual car is not released yet, and high-speed car addicts are anxiously waiting for it.

Koenigsegg Jesko

This sleek and sexy car is Koenigsegg’s answer to the Agera RS which is the current fastest car on Earth. The funny thing is that they are the ones who produced the Agera RS. It just goes to show that this manufacturer never rests on their laurels. This car will have the Koenigsegg’s Light Speed Transmission and super powerful V8 engine. There have been talks that this car with pack 1600 hp and reach a top speed of over 300 miles per hour.

Buggati Chiron

Every list of the quickest cars should always have a Bugatti. This time it is the much anticipated Bugatti Chiron. You see, this manufacturer already has a very dominating car named Veyron. However, they just want to push the limit. And with the almost unlimited funding from Volkswagen, they have no problem whatsoever. But this time they are trying to top Veyron, not in terms of speed. They are actually focusing on aerodynamics and safety. Once they have hit that note, they are then going to release a special edition Chiron that will have a top speed which is more than 261 mph. A very smart strategy by the way.

SSC Tuatara

I know you think that there are more models that deserve to be on this list. Like the Hennessy Venom or even the Bugatti Veyron Sport. But if you are a real enthusiast of super vehicles you know that this car deserves to be here. What separates this model from the rest is that its 5.9-liter flat-plane crank engine will deliver 1,750 hp on E85 fuel. And to tell you the truth, how they combined this car’s power with its aero-optimized body is a feat that no other manufacturer has ever done before.

So You Want Speed?

So if you have a couple of millions of dollars just for splurging on a high-performance car, then you should go with these models. There will be no doubt that every penny that you spend on them will be worth it.