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Tracking devices for electric cars have turned out to be a huge success. It is beneficial for car owners. GPS is a tracking device which records the navigation of the vehicle, its movement, and the current location it resides. It can store data into the machine. The data includes the area through which the car is traveling.

It is beneficial as it helps one to find different locations through the GPS map provided in the device. It is helpful to track down in case of robbery, or in case one has lost their way to a particular destination.

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Car Tracking Device GPS Tracker

The GPS tracker is functional as well as intelligent. It can is in any suitable location, be it under the rear windshield or around the dashboard. Its needs a GSM 2G sim card to perform its functions properly and without any interruptions.


It contains a side button. There are 3 LED lights which will display in the buttons when you press. These lights generally indicate the status of the GSM network, GPS status, and the power working update. This device should connect to a mobile phone or a tabloid. The one using this might then log into the website to know or follow the destination.

Car Sun Visor Anti-Glare Clip-On Shade Drive

This product is suitable with visors of almost every electric cars model. There is a limit to the dark windshields in nearly every country. The shades are not enough to prevent the driver or the person sitting in the far from UV rays.

It becomes tough to drive electric cars when the sun rays are direct and affect one’s viewing. The clip-on visors are of much help to the car drivers as it protects the driver from the direct sunlight. It is a foldable visor, often needed by the driver as well as the people in the car.

Fog Lights Car Laser Warning Signal

Fog lights car laser warning is a car product used to ensure the proper safety of the people inside the car while driving on a foggy day.  It is used primarily as rear lights in vehicles. Each lamp is 28*21mm laser light.  It acts as a signal for cars coming from behind. The views are mainly red. Red light reflects the most, so it would go into notice to the drivers driving behind the vehicle. It proves to be like a reminder alarm to the cars behind, reminding them not to get too close.

Fog makes the visibility of the roads merely visible. One might drive in running speed, not knowing a car might be right before them. It causes more and more accidents. Using these lights are like a defensive driving technique. It helps one to keep the proper distance from the cars before them. It avoids accidents and injuries. It is effective on large vehicles, especially trucks. It prevents enormous accidents and protects cars.

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