Banned Race Car


It is human nature that he loves car races. The reason behind is the high speed of cars which gives a thrill to viewers. But due to this high speed, some vehicles are banned for a car race.

 Not even car races, but all type of races he likes to enjoy since the early time of history. One of the example we can take is horse riding.

History Of Car Race

As human is very fond of racing, so it existed even from a very early age. The car race is also started as an automobile launched in the eighteen century.

It was the passion for this hobby that they organized car rally even when the car has the speed only up to ten mph.

Although the first recorded organized car rally was held in 1895.

Benefits From Car Race

The benefits from it are that humans get thrilled and amused after viewing this type of car races. This event is being too enjoyed by viewers all over the world.

Disadvantages Of Car Race

Even car races thrilled and amused a lot of people, but they make a dangerous situation by its very high speed.

Some out of them were too speedy and dangerous that they got banned.

Banned Race Car
Banned Race Car

Some of the very famous and outstanding banned cars are listed below-

IMSA Consulier GTP

This was a car with a good engine. Its engine was a Chrysler engine. This was made by an unknown manufacturer, but it had beaten almost every vehicle of its time.

So likewise it was one of the earliest banned race cars in the world.

Penske Chevy Camaro

The history of manufacturing of this car is based on cheating. Mark Donohue made this car by dipping the body panel in acid. By doing this, he reduced the weight to a good extent.

After this act, the model was too light to run. Naturally, it won most of the races.

When someone caught this cheating, the car got banned.

Porsche 917/30

This was a tiny car. Its size gave it a good reason to run very fast on the track. Even due to small size, the feet of its driver was just beyond front wheel axle.

But it also got banned because it had won too many races only due to its small size.

Nissan Skyline Gtr Group A

It was the car who had a turbocharged type engine. This car has supported by a layout which was all-wheel drive.

Therefore all these extraordinary things gave it a place where no car of that time could stand.

Due to all above-mentioned qualities, this car also got banned at last.

Dauer Porsche 962

The modification given to this car was it’s the huge fuel tank. The tank of this car was much bigger than the other racing car of that era.

So it was the reason to ban this car because the bigger fuel tank had the more chances to win the competitions.

The list has many more cars that got banned. These cars were banned for some reasons. Organizers of car rallies wanted to design these competitions so thrilling that viewers could enjoy the race in its natural way. But when manufacturers made changes to the cars beyond the rules, then they banned these extraordinary cars.

Banned Race Car
Banned Race Car
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