Bugatti Chiron Supercar Broke The 300 Mph Barrier


Chiron hypercar, from the house of Bugatti, regained the record of the world’s fastest production car with a 1500 horsepower engine. Bugatti Chiron acquired a speed of 304.773 mph. It is incredible at the production car level and also became the first to overcome the 300 mph.

Bugatti Chiron Supercar Broke The 300 Mph Barrier
Bugatti Chiron Supercar Broke The 300 Mph Barrier

Bugatti Chiron Is Back With A Bang

It seemed that Chiron would make it when it is launched as the replacement of Veyron that had a speed of 267.8 mph, and Chiron is even more powerful. Agera RS from the Swedish company Koenigsegg snatched its record in 2017 with a speed of 284 mph.

Special Design And Technology

Chiron extracted the power from an 8 liter, W16 engine. The cars with speed more than 150 mph behave like an aircraft as the aerodynamics force dominates and becomes stronger than the frictional and gravitational force.  The team of engineers in Bugatti removed the airbrakes to improve the aerodynamic performance. Due to this, the latest model of the Chiron sits lower and has a 10 inches longer body than the ordinary version of the production.

Being the first production-level vehicle to exceed the milestone of 300 mph, it will next focus on other areas to improve the all-round performance. As a high-speed vehicle, safety measures need to be taken care of to avoid accidents. Bugatti is trying the best to work on this aspect.

Dallara, the Italian Indycar constructor who empowered the team of Chiron, has good experience in operating high-speed vehicles.

Andy Wallace Piloted The Bugatti Chiron

Andy Wallace was the driver of the record-setter Chiron. The name of the driver may strike you as he was the driver to set the previous record of 243 mph speed of McLaren F1. Andy was provided with all types of protection during the run. He was protected inside a safety cage and also used a fire suit, helmet, and a six-point racing harness. Moreover, Ehra Lessin in Lower Saxony, Germany was chosen as the track to make the record speed. In this same venue, Wallace made his record earlier with the McLaren F1. 

The track is near the sea level, which is good for the engine power. But due to the higher density of air, which is responsible for the horsepower, it becomes a porous wall virtually at this lightning speed. Still, this track is favorite for the high-speed vehicle due to the presence of guard rail in its entire length. Safety crews are also there at both ends of the 13-mile long track.

Bugatti Chiron Supercar Broke The 300 Mph Barrier
Bugatti Chiron Supercar Broke The 300 Mph Barrier

The Best Car, Weather, And Track

Attempting for a record at speed more than 400 kmph (250 mph) always has a high risk. So everything needs to be perfect, the car, the track, and also the weather. Everything means everything. The track at Ehra Lessin provides the best possible features of safety. This is the reason it is favorite for most of the high-speed vehicles.

The tires of the car were undergone an X-Ray examination to eliminate any trace of imperfections.   

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