Car Dilemmas: Driverless Cars Moral Choices Are Not In

Car Dilemmas: Driverless Cars Moral Choices Are Not In

When a person is behind the wheel, they can make conscious decisions to avoid collisions and prevent accidents. The change will happen through self-driving cars. The new car dilemma revolves around the possibility of how the car will now make these decisions. It is a dilemma that deals with the moral ethics behind such decisions.

Firstly, moral and ethical values differ not only from person to person but also from country to country. In industrialized countries with active systems, people are less likely to violate traffic laws. But, this is not the case for lesser developed countries. It is where a car dilemma arises because moral values are subjective, and there are no universal ethics.

In a survey, respondents were given a set of scenarios where they would have to make moral decisions. It includes accidents, old to young people and the like. In this scenario, self-driving cars need to adapt to the situation. It’s also is a new car dilemma where car manufacturers have to humanize their vehicles.

The Road Not Taken

The biggest corporations in the world are investing heavily in machine learning for self-driving cars. The advantages would be higher efficiency on the road, a decrease in accidents, and fuel efficiency. On the other side, the car dilemma of ethics that it entails.

There exists an essential paradox in this situation. According to the drivers, they would rather face the accident than hit pedestrians. Even when it comes to pets and animals, people prefer not hurting humans.

Self-driving cars pose the dilemma of understanding what the criteria are to spare someone from an accident. In countries like Japan, people don’t mind hitting pedestrians who cross the roads illegally. Contrary to that, in countries like Pakistan, people do not engage in such activities. The survey also forced the participants to make difficult moral choices in terms of who they would prefer saving.

Car Dilemmas: Unrealistic Expectations

Car Dilemmas: Driverless Cars That Moral Choices Are Not In
Car Dilemmas: Driverless Cars That Moral Choices Are Not In

From the manufacturer’s perspective, there’s an entirely different fundamental problem. Roads in most countries have a pot-holes problem. Which such an infrastructural issue, self-driving cars can’t have a smooth journey ahead. It points to a more significant effect, where machine learning in self-driving cars is of most importance. While the concept does solve a lot of the road issues we face now, it would undoubtedly give rise to more problems. These cars should be advance and active in troubleshooting for it to happen.

Every technological innovation comes with intense research and development, a concept that you will see in self-driving cars. The car dilemma that self-driving cars pose needs to be addressed. While it seeks to improve the journey on the road, it also needs to address the ethical and moral factors associated with it.

Car Dilemmas: Accidents That Will Be Unavoidable

Car Dilemmas: Driverless Cars That Moral Choices Are Not In
Car Dilemmas: Driverless Cars That Moral Choices Are Not In

Driveless cars will lead to many risks that you can hardly avoid. The chance of cyclists meeting an accident because of a driverless car is high. It can have an avoidable risk in many situations, you can try to avoid it, but it’s challenging to do.

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