Electric Supercar: Dubuc Tomahawk Set For 2017 And More


Electric supercar is the new talk of the town and you cannot get rid of all the news that is spread across the internet. Tesla has made its mark and innovation in the field of electric vehicles and can be considered the pioneer in the field. However, we cannot deny that many others have also joined the race to the top as electric supercars will be the future of transportation. As more and more countries are inclined to have a healthy, pollution-free air and to mitigate the adverse effects of global warming, electric supercars are potent weapons. Now, to everyone’s surprise, Dubuc motors have made their initiation to the electric car market.

Steps Towards Electric Supercar

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Electric Supercar: Dubuc Tomahawk  Set For 2017 And More
Electric Supercar: Dubuc Tomahawk Set For 2017 And More

The Tomahawk is going to be the first of its kind electric supercar in North America by Dubac and it should be highly commendable for the spirit with which it is trying to enter the market. The car will be a four-seater and boasts of its sporty, American look. It had so many different features like scissors door, best mileage and many more to satisfy the needs of customers.

We have tried to find some of the details of these electric supercars on their website. Even though not much is provided, we know some of the facts. The car will be loaded with two electric motors and has a sporty wheel drive function. The batteries are arranged in such a way that the front-rear balance is achieved.

Environment And The Impact Of Vehicles

We need to understand the severity of the matter and take notice of how we can do anything about it. Therefore, we must ensure that the quality is maintained, and no advantage is taken to the sales of supercars. Electric cars have to take a long walk to get to the place of innovation and most useful status. The burden of pollution has to be born by the developed nations as developing nations are not in that stage.

Electric supercar is the new way of life and it will be better in the benefits of energy consumption. It is crucial to make in mind the probable outcomes of this mega shift and what we have to deal with while being on the stage of transition. Can we talk about the progress without including the large part of the world? it is very superficial to talk about electric cars whereas in reality many countries are not 100% electrified and still waiting for basic connections.

Electric Supercar: Dubuc Tomahawk  Set For 2017 And More
Electric Supercar: Dubuc Tomahawk Set For 2017 And More

Are Electric Supercars Super-Dreams

We cannot argue the fact that we have certain recall values when it comes to gasoline cars. Some people still prefer it over the electric ones because of the availability of the fuel station and electric stations for charging the car are very few. So a paradigm shift is needed to work out the problem and the solution is popularizing the use with government intervention. Besides an average Joe will unlikely to buy an electric car because of the poor knowledge regarding cars. They cannot invest in something they do not understand so it is high time that we spread the holy gospel of these super efficient super cars.

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