F1 Teams: Facts And History Of The Teams


F1 teams are one of the most influential car racing teams in the world. Every year F1 teams compete in series of races known as grand Prix. The formula One world championship continues from march-December in different countries. Moreover, it is usually a 3-day championship followed by ten teams and 20 drivers. All the racers wait eagerly for this tournament. This is also a very prestigious tournament for racers.

F1 Teams: Facts And History Of The Teams
F1 Teams: Facts And History Of The Teams

 Legendary F1 Teams

  • Mercedes: The team first entered in 1970 in the F1 world championship. Moreover, in 2018 with the help of 11 victories of lewis Hamilton, it became the champions of F1 race for 5th  consecutive times. The team got the championship title for the year 2014-2018.
  • Ferrari:  full name of the team Scuderia Ferrari Mission Winnow: The drivers for this F1 team are Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc. The team entered the F1 world championship in 1950. Also, this team has earned the champions title for good 16 times.
  • Mc Laren: known as MC Laren F1 team: This eight times world champions are led by the driver Carlos Sainz and also Lando Norris. The year 1966 marked the onset of this team as a racing

Some More Teams

  • Williams: full name as  ROKiT Williams Racing: This team made their first entry in 1978. Moreover, this team became the champions nine times. The drivers for the team are Robert Kubica and George Russell.
  • Renault: full team Renault F1 team: This team is a two-times winner of the title, F1 world championship. The first team entry was made in 1986. The drivers for this team are Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg.
  • Alfa­­_romeo_racing: full name Alfa Romeo Racing: The first team entry by this team was made in 1993. This swiss team was already successful earlier in the world of sportscars

Recent Additions

  • Redbull racing: full name of the team Aston Martin Red Bull Racing: This team is lead by the driver Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon. The first team entry in the championship was made in 1997.  RedBull was one of the sponsors of F1 race before it entered the competition. It became world champions four times.
  • Haas_F1_team: full name Rich Energy Haas F1 Team: The drivers for the team are  Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean. It was the first all American led team.
  • Red bull: full name of the team Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda: This first team entry in the F1 championship competition was made in 1985. The team got established in 2006. The drivers for this team are Daniil Kvyat and also Pierre Gasly.
F1 Teams: Facts And History Of The Teams
F1 Teams: Facts And History Of The Teams

Upcoming Race

As per the analysis of grand pix held till date from march 2019-august 2019, Mercedes became the champions in 10 out of 13 grand pix held. Further upcoming grand Prix of 2019 is in Italy, Singapore, Russia, Japan, Mexico, united states, brazil, and finally at Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the final results will be calculated based on the total points awarded at the end of the championship.

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