GPS Tracker For Vehicles And The Best Of Them

GPS Vehicle Trackers And The Best Of Them

GPS vehicle trackers are the best way to keep your vehicles and your loved ones safe. You can never do too much when it comes to safety and getting a GPS tracker on your vehicle is the smartest way to go about the same.

GPS Vehicle Trackers And The Best Of Them
GPS Vehicle Trackers And The Best Of Them

Vyncs GPS Tracker

The hand down champion is the Vyncs GPS tracker. Unlike the other options available in the market, this one won’t blow a hole through your pockets and yet, it delivers nothing but the best. For less than a hundred bucks per year, you can activate all the services on this one. From real-time alerts to geo-fencing to un-safe driving alerts, this is the best value deal. Along with these paid services, you also get free roadside assistance and an economy tracker, which calculates your mileage daily.

Vyncs also tunes into your cars regular requirements through an OBD and updates you about any upcoming service checks, which we feel is such a convenience.  Thanks to the AI involved, the GPS tracker gives you regular nudges on how to make your driving more efficient. What more can a person ask for?

The cost breakdown for this is a 75$ purchase fee plus a 30$ activation fee. This along with a 6$per month cost makes this the least expensive GPS tracker. That being said, the one thing we didn’t like about this is that refresh time is the longest in this segment. A three minutes refresh time can be lowered to 15 seconds at an additional cost.

Moto Safety GPS Tracker- Best For Learners

Designed keeping in mind the teens that are just getting their license, Moto Safety has an inbuilt learners course, a Google map app and a security alert feature. The device costs only 30$, however, the monthly fee is the highest.  Priced at 20$ a month and no hidden cancellation fee, Moto requires you to call their team should you wish to discontinue their services.

The sensitivity on this one is a bit off the charts. Acceleration reads higher and the device leads you to believe you are speeding even when you are not. Our advice is to take it for a check ride before signing the dotted line. Oh, and should we forget, you can also set curfew timings so that your excited teen doesn’t take the car out while you are away!

GPS Vehicle Trackers And The Best Of Them
GPS Vehicle Trackers And The Best Of Them

Bounce – Best For Monthly Basis

This fella may be new to the game, but it sure doesn’t disappoint! Like other top players, Bouncie uses an OBD device to sync your vehicles data to its hub and informs you of all the requirements beforehand. You can tune your Alexa or Echo to gather information about fuel usage, service checks and other factors using this GPS tracker. At 8 $ per month and no hidden charges, Bouncie is a good deal.

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