Guide To Modified Car Insurance -

Guide To Modified Car Insurance

Guide To Modified Car Insurance

Getting insurance is incredibly important, whether it is for your home, your life, or your car. Having modified car insurance protects your interests in the monetary sphere when it comes to certain situations involving your vehicle. These situations are as follows.

  • In case you ever get into an accident. This includes the damage done to the person, object, or other vehicle hit as well as the damage from the impact on your car. Also, your insurance company will be liable to pay costs for you.
  • In case your car is stolen or destroyed, your insurance company will give you the money that you lost for it.

Cars that are more expensive to maintain have more expensive insurance schemes than do cars that are relatively easier to maintain. By this, we refer to the expenses incurred on the changing of parts – that of luxury cars is much more expensive than that of non-luxury vehicles. Modified cars are another kind of cars which cost more to insure. This is because the parts generally used in these cars since they are modified, are mostly more expensive. The maintenance needs of modified cars are quite specific, making them a lot more expensive.

What Are Modified Cars?

Guide To Modified Car Insurance
Guide To Modified Car Insurance

Modifications on cars can be of any kind. They can consist of you painting one or another side of your car a funky color, in contrast to the original, plain color of your car, or even be something such as getting modified exhausts or suspensions. They have a wide range. Here’s a list of some car modifications, just for a clearer picture of what a modified car entails.

  • Turbo boosters
  • Bluetooth connected stereo systems
  • CD player
  • Phone mount
  • Paint jobs
  • Chrome rims or bumpers

How Does Modified Car Insurance Work?

Guide To Modified Car Insurance
Guide To Modified Car Insurance

Most car insurance companies cover bodily injury liabilities as well as personal injury protection, which are for protecting you. However, to protect your car, including all of its modifications, if you have any, you need to have the collision and comprehensive insurance component. When looking at modified car insurance, you must see to it that you have paid enough coverage for it to cover your mods, too. Otherwise, your car will remain insured, but your modifications will not.

Need For Right Modifications

All the money you spent on those mods will go to waste if you do not get the right modified car insurance package for you and the needs of your modified car. If you want to protect all parts of your vehicle, you may even have to go on to purchase extra insurance. Here is a reminder that it will be worth it if something ever does happen to your car. You must sit down with an insurance company official before paying any money and speak to them about modified car insurance. Together, it would be best if you talked about your modifications and the total value of your car, including the mods, and only then sign your cheque to ensure them all.

Mods That Could Save You Modified Car Insurance Money 

While car modifications or mods look quite cool, the one and only drawback of the same is that modified car insurance is rather expensive. As mentioned before, due to its specific needs, the price put on its protection can be rather high. Here’s a list of car modifications that do not hurt the pockets all that much in the context of modified car insurance.

  • Accident sensor technology
  • Anti-theft systems such as alarms and tracking devices
  • Anti-lock braking system, which helps to prevent your tires from skidding
  • Daytime running lamps/lights to increase car visibility in the daytime
  • Adaptive headlights to activate and enhance better night vision
  • Rearview cameras for which the visuals show up on a screen next to the steering wheel. Rearview cameras also account for blind-spot detection, making sure you don’t ram into anything while reversing.
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