History Of The Electric Vehicle And Its Popularity


The electric vehicle is not a recent discovery by car manufacturers like Tesla and others. The main idea of having these vehicles is to reduce the consumption of fuels that emit poisonous gases to the environment.

Hence, the popularity of electric vehicles. A few years ago, you could not see electric vehicles on the street. Today, you can see several of them. That is because they are seriously considered as an alternative for gas emitting vehicles.

Even large vehicles like trucks and lorries are being used with the electric fitted engines. In the sense, they run on batteries that need charge once in a while. You would be surprised to know that the first electric vehicle was discovered in 1828 itself.

The electric vehicle was invented by a man named Robert Anderson. In Europe these cars where kinds of cars where invented successfully by different researchers. However, none of them were patented.

History Of The Electric Vehicle And Its Popularity
History Of The Electric Vehicle And Its Popularity

Electric Vehicle Gaining Prominence

Hence, they could not see the light of day. In the United States of America, Thomas Davenport was known to have built the first DC motor. The technology of usage of the battery run vehicles was popular in those days.

However, only in the 1890, the first electric car was manufactured by Morrison. Luckily, by 1900 the vehicles were patented and they were on the road. Those days itself, the benefits of the electric run vehicles were much better than others.

That is because the vehicles did not have smell, noise, and other factors. Not to mention, changing gears in the gas operated vehicles was extremely complicated. That was not an issue with the electric vehicles.

They did not require too many changing of gear. During the winter season, they needed more than 30 minutes to start the vehicle. The vehicles that run on steam needed more water than the range run by the electric cars on single charge.

Since, the range of the electric vehicle was not much it was preferred by many. The benefits of the driving the electric vehicle does not need manual gear shifting. Apart from that, the engine had to be started with great difficultly on the gas run vehicles.

History Of The Electric Vehicle And Its Popularity
History Of The Electric Vehicle And Its Popularity

Cause Of Global Warming Affecting Electric Vehicle

You would be surprised to know that during the World War I, fuel costs soared through the roof. The cars manufactured by Detroit Electric was able to give close to 100 miles per charge. That was decent enough.

There was a lull during the 1940s to 1970s. But, car manufacturers have taken note of the restrictions imposed on them by government due to global warming. Today, they have taken serious steps in ensuring that their gas run vehicles come with minimum gas emission.

History Of The Electric Vehicle And Its Popularity
History Of The Electric Vehicle And Its Popularity

Not to mention, car manufacturers like Tesla are serious about giving the world electric run vehicles. Thanks to the advancement in the technology of battery. The battery operate by lithium and metal hybrid battery, are quite light.

They can hold charge for at least 200-300 miles before the next charge. Hence, it makes sense, to shell out the money for purchasing electric vehicle as it is not only practical to run, but also efficient.

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