How To Test Brake Caliper Guide Pins


As an avid driver, it is necessary for you to know the basic functions of your vehicle. These include moving forward and backward and turning right and left. Of course, it takes more than just letting the throttle off when it comes to stopping a huge car. It is essential for you to know the working of the brake system of your vehicle. Disc braking systems of modern times have brake rotors to slow down and stop the vehicle. It is the hydraulic device that overhangs the brake pads around the rotor. In situations when you have issues with the brakes, the brake caliper guide pin might be the culprit. However, testing the guide pins carefully will help you in finding the exact problem. But how do you do so? Let us have a look.

How To Test Brake Caliper Guide Pins
How To Test Brake Caliper Guide Pins
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Driver Should Check The Pins For Proper Fitting

While changing the brake pads on your own, be sure about removing the brake caliper guide pins. Nevertheless, you should know how to put them back. If the pins do not fit in properly, they might cause noise issues and even have the vehicle stopping here and there. Also, the brakes might grab or stick while driving. You could also hear a kind of grinding sound if the brake calipers do not meet the rotor at the right angle.

How To Know If The Brake Caliper Guide Pins Are The Culprit

You will have to test the brakes prior to changing the pads. Perhaps, you should make it a point to inspect the guide pins every time you change the pads. Not much you need to do. Lift the vehicle, remove the wheels, take off the brake caliper and have a close look at its housing. You will find the guide pins right at the top of the caliper housing. Do you find them? Majority of the car models have a couple of guide pins in rubber housing. Issues you need to look out for are corroded pins or pins not appropriately lubricated. Even look out for pins sticking in the rotor. If the pins do not go in once the pads are duly replaced, this might also be an issue you need to deal with.

How To Test Brake Caliper Guide Pins
How To Test Brake Caliper Guide Pins

It should be quite easy for you to take out the guide pins by using a screwdriver. A few taps of the hammer might also do the work. Or if you find it very difficult to remove the pins, try using brake caliper guide pin removal kit available at different automotive part shops. Additionally, you might require the help of a mechanic if you are not able to take out the pins. Probably you might have difficulty in handling them if they have rusted in their place or are stuck in position. Experienced mechanics can help you with varied options.

If you want to test your skills as a driver, it is necessary for you to know the right way of testing the brake caliper guide pins and putting them back in place.

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