How To Upgrade Your Sports Car Very Cheaply


If you own a sports car, then you might consider upgrading the accessories inside it. A sports car can be a ferocious vehicle down the road. However, you need to see to that the accessories fit in with it.

We have come up with a few ideas that can help upgrade your sports car. Using these ideas, you can now upgrade your car without having to spend too much money. Sometimes car owners are skeptical about upgrading their vehicle.

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Some sport car can appear better when you have given them ideal accessories. It does not have to cost much. The accessories could include a steering wheel, the dash cam recorder, sunshade and the like.

Steering Wheel Covers Anti-Slip Grip

How To Upgrade Your Sports Car Very Cheaply
How To Upgrade Your Sports Car Very Cheaply

The steering wheel cover is a must for all cars. That is because it provides you with the control that you require when driving. The steering wheel cover is anti-slip grip. That means, you do not have to worry about your hands coming off at high speeds.

For a sports car, using a steering wheel cover grip that is highly rated is vital. This product is recommended too by clients who have used it. Not to mention, the cover comes with micro fiber leather that is flexible.

It means, the cover can fit in 14-15 inches steering wheel. It is suitable or all seasons like summer and winter. The diameter of the steering wheel is 38 cm. Like mentioned, it can easily fit on to normal steering wheels.

It is durable. The leather gives your steering wheel an elegant appearance. Not to mention, the cover can be dusted and maintained easily. You would want to have a steering wheel cover like this in your car.

WiFi Dash Cam Video Recorder

How To Upgrade Your Sports Car Very Cheaply
How To Upgrade Your Sports Car Very Cheaply

The dash cam video recorder is a Wi-Fi based. That means it can work even in areas where there is Wi-Fi. These days, you can find a Wi-Fi connection almost everywhere. This product also comes highly rated by customers at 4.9 out of 5.

The quality of the camera is good. Car riders can view the images and photos in high-resolution. They can be also taken with the help of the night vision mode. That provides quality videos for viewing purpose.

The camera also comes with the loop recording function. It locks the video during collision encounter and have a 24-hour parking monitoring system. The car camera can be easily controlled with the help of your smartphone using Wi-Fi.

It comes with the OV4689 image sensor, Supper HD 2880×2160 4K Resolution, F1.8 large aperture, and a 145° Wide Angle. The size of this camera is 54 x 78 x 40 mm. Suitable for installing inside any kind of vehicle.

Car Sun Shade 2pcs Window Cover

How To Upgrade Your Sports Car Very Cheaply
How To Upgrade Your Sport Car Very Cheapl

The car sunshade is another car accessory you would consider having inside your vehicle. It comes with pieces and is rated at 4.9 out of 5. The sun-shade can be easily installed in the car. That ensures it provides ample protection from the sun.

It not only gives you privacy, ensures that your car is cool. Ideal for those of you living in tropical countries. When traveling with small kids, it provides excellent shade. The mesh is made from garter and it comes with a size of 52 x 94 cm.

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