Maserati’s New Luxury SUV: Transformation To Know


Maserati’s new luxury SUV is a transformer-like vehicle with 590-horsepower 3.8 liter V8 engine. It is called the Levante Trofeo, and it is probably one of the most powerful Maserati in the storied history of the company. This $169, 980 car is an exclusive model with the availability of 400, 000 option blends along with the personalization program of Maserati.

Maserati’s New Luxury SUV: Transformation To Know
Maserati’s New Luxury SUV: Transformation To Know

Features Of Maserati’s New Luxury SUV

The ones who are not aware of the Maserati, it is an old and exotic car brand of Italy serving the market since 1914. At present, it is a brand well-known in the Fiat Chrysler Automobile Group, with its close neighbor being the Ferrari. Both companies use the same car manufacturing technology with Maserati entirely relying on Ferrari for the V8 engines in its cars.

The Levante is available in the market since 2016, and the company has boasted of more than 55 000 sales of the same. This sales figure makes the Levante the bestselling and most popular Maserati ever. The crossover SUV construction style and also all-wheel sophisticated drive mechanism make this vehicle a capable off-road Maserati as well.

The computer-controlled drive mechanism, active suspension, and also excellent turbo power offer the Levante Trofeo an exclusive appeal. These features allow the vehicle to transform from an Italian hot rod to an off-roading creature at the simple push of a button. The only thing the users need to do is switch modes, and the car will move from 6.9 inches of complete clearance to 9.85 inches. Now that is something cool, isn’t it?

Performance Of Maserati’s New Luxury Car At Off-Roading

When it comes to off-roading, the Levante Trofeo offers excellent performance. It crawls effortlessly up weirdly steep and absurd inclines. It even has the potential of rolling over several miles of blind crests while descending from cliff edges with decent control. The V8 engine of the car is the same as one used in Maserati’s flagship car- the Quattroporte GTS sedan.

Another great feature of this vehicle is its renovated turbocharger impeller that enhances airflow. The free-flowing valves and also high-lift camshafts allow the air from the turbos to blow through the car’s engine in a more efficient manner. You will even find a reprogrammed computer for engine management.

Maserati’s New Luxury SUV: Transformation To Know
Maserati’s New Luxury SUV: Transformation To Know

The turbo V8 engine of the Levante Trofeo drives all its four wheels at the 8-speed automatic transmission. The car’s Q4 Intelligent All-Wheel drive mechanism offers 100% power to the back wheels under varied situations. It further gives the car an active rear-drive response. The car engine diverts power to the front of the car only when it is required.

Some More Features

Drivers will surely appreciate the lavish cabin of the vehicle. The Maseratis introduced earlier in the market featured good-looking cockpits in leather. These cockpits looked exceptionally attractive but were burdened with unwanted ergonomics hated by the drivers.

It is not the case with the new luxury SUV from Maserati. The seating and control placement of the Levante Trofeo feel the same at the layout of the older Maseratis, but there are some essential and useful underpinnings.

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