Modern Concept Cars To Drool Over


In a way, concept cars are like made to fuel our wildest dreams. The dream that one day we will own a car that is as cool as the Bat Mobile or the ones that we see in fiction movies. We have always imagined them to run in hyper-speed and have really cool futuristic features. These concept cars turn men like us into boys.

There has always been a steady stream of concept cars released by car manufacturers. Not all of them reach the production phase, but they are really cool ways for a company to show their creativity. We have for you a compilation of some of the latest concept cars that we are already drooling over.

Audi PB18 E-Tron

This model is Audi’s vision of the future. A car packed with more technological features than the trans-Atlantic Jet. It will have paddock-ready technology and shooting brake design that will make it stand out. It will have the driver the option to move the cockpit in the middle when driving track and then move back to the side when with a passenger. How cool is that!

Chevrolet Ecopo Camaro

If you take a look at this car, it looks like it is already real. That it is feasible to see it on our roads in the future. Chevrolet said that this car will have a pair of electric motors that can generate a whopping 750 horsepower. There are no reports for the production of this car yet. However, if it does get built it will definitely be evil in the drag strip.

Genesis Essentia

Hyundai showed what its capable of when they showed off this model. This was a brainchild of their luxury division and it is looking really fine. They said that this car will send you from stop to 60 mph in just three seconds using the power of multiple electric motors. The Essential will have mostly carbon-fiber parts to offset the weight of the battery pack. Lastly, this car will have Artificial Intelligence that will work on making the drive experience excellent.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow 

Well, this is a futuristic car. The silhouette of the car  Hill actually passes Hollywood standards for their next sci-fi movie. The manufacturer said that the car will have 720 horsepower. It will also have the most advanced electrification system and will have advanced lightweight parts. This model is also said to have two monitors inside that will provide you with information such as speed, power output, and temperature.

Nissan X Motion

This is one of those SUV concept cars that just ignites everybody’s imagination. The futuristic design of this car has a Japanese sensibility that makes it look elegant. Nissan explained that they got inspired by Kumiko Woodwork while creating the design. And you can also expect that it will have all of the mind-blowing technology that Nissan popular for.

All the concept cars mentioned in this list may not even reach production. That has always been the trend. However, we can’t stop to wish that soon they will be up for grabs and at a price that we can afford.

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