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Sports Car Owners Need This Multi-Functional Duster

Sports Car Owner Needs This Multi-Functional Duster

This product is actually built to withstand even the most hardcore cleaning. The handle is durable plastic that you just know will not break that easily. It also has a brush head made out of high-quality cotton material that is both resilient and absorbent. The material is washable and will not degrade that easily.

Make Your Tires Look New With TriNova Tire Shine

Banned Race Car

Another benefit that you will get from using this product is that added protection from the outside elements. It will act as your tires guard from dirt and grime from the road. This means that your tires will be free from water sports, salts stains, and basically, anything that makes it look unattractive.

The Perfect Microfiber Mitt For D.I.Y. Car Washing

The Perfect Microfiber Mitt For D.I.Y. Car Washing

Nothing is more annoying than using a mitt that slips off your hand when you already have that perfect wiping rhythm. This product has a secure cuff design that keeps your hand inside that mitt no matter how fast your motion is. It is also designed for maximum comfort unlike the other mitts out there that feel awkward when worn. The Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Wash Mitt also comes in different sizes for that perfect fit.

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