Test Vehicle Stopping Distance With Ease


A test track can make your life fun and simple. And the Disney’s Epcot Center in Orlando has the perfect test track for your vehicle. It is an ideal place to test vehicle stopping distance. People travel through the hills and long turns, to feel the various effects of high-speed braking. Test track provides you with a five-minute-long joyride, which helps you in testing different procedures that automakers check before the car comes to the market. This is closest you can get where you can drive your vehicle at its highest speed. And during this, we test one of the most critical components of our cars, which is the braking system.

Why Test Vehicle Stopping Distance?

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Test Vehicle Stopping Distance With Ease
Test Vehicle Stopping Distance With Ease

When you are traveling at a speed of about 60 mph, you are covering approximately 88 feet in one second. And during this moment when you realize that you have to hit the brake, you take around three-quarters of a second to think so and then the same amount of time to run it. These are the reaction times which you have to always account for. And this makes it a total of 132 feet before you even begin stopping your vehicle. And along with this, there are several other factors which you have to consider. These are the weight of the car, the traction, and gravity. And this makes the total distance 300 feet before you can stop.

This is why testing the stopping distance of your vehicle is essential. It will make you realize the difference between a severe accident and a near-miss on the road.

Factors Which Are Important in The Test?

Test Vehicle Stopping Distance With Ease
Test Vehicle Stopping Distance With Ease

There are several factors which you should keep in mind before you go for the braking distance test. The tires of your vehicle are one of the most critical elements when you want to stop your car efficiently and quickly. There are several variables which play an essential role in this. The traction coefficient plays a vital role. The braking distance depends extensively on the condition of your tires. You have to make sure that they are in good condition and do not skid or slip when you hit the brake. When you apply the brake, and the tires skid the traction decreases and the braking distance increases. You have to get the right quality tires to ensure the best hold.

After the tires, the braking and the suspension system of your car also matter a lot. If anyone of them is not working correctly, the vehicle’s braking distance can increase. You have to make sure that components like the rotors, drums, pads, and shoes are in their best condition. This will help you in keeping your braking distance to the minimum. Worn out components will increase the distance and will make it difficult to control the vehicle.

And the final essential element which can have a significant impact on the braking distance is the condition of the road you are traveling on. Roads with sand, gravels and other things increase the distance, whereas smooth roads keep it to the minimum. And the range also increases on wet roads.

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