The Most Supreme And Savage Races Worldwide (#2 Will Blow Your Horn!)

Distinguishing the different types of racing can be confusing for many so here’s a short overview highlighting three of the most popular ones globally. Also, racing is one of the world’s most commonly used forms of entertainment today.

Horse Racing

A man riding a horse

Horse riding is a traditional sport originated in 4500 B.C. among Central Asian nomadic tribes (who were the first to domesticate horses). Horse racing has flourished as the kings’ sport ever since. It is one form of legal gambling in most of the world, including the United States. There are different breeds for horse racing.

Thoroughbreds – The world’s greatest races are now open to Thoroughbred horses. Thoroughbreds have two main characteristics that make them particularly well-suited for racing. Their long necks move in sync with their front legs, which push them forward. Second, the hind legs in the breed bend and straighten in an almost vertical line, which produces a spring-like effect and drives the horse forward more efficiently with each step.

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