The Most Supreme And Savage Races Worldwide (#2 Will Blow Your Horn!) -

The Most Supreme And Savage Races Worldwide (#2 Will Blow Your Horn!)


Auto Racing

A small boat in a body of water

Auto Racing was one of the most thrilling types of athletic activity ever created by humans. In the case of car racing, different types attract specific enthusiastic groups. These are the Auto Racing types:



Formula Racing – The most popular competitive method of auto racing is currently Formula racing. It is a type of open-wheel single-seater circuit racing, in which the wheels of the car are placed outside the chassis. The cars are custom-built and assembled, and races are held in different circuit tracks built for formula racing.



Sports Car Racing – Sports cars are two-seater vehicles with two types of enclosed wheels: the grand tourers (GT), or production-derived versions. This includes purpose-built prototypes designed to race on closed circuits.


Drag Racing – One of the sport’s most popular elements, drag racing, is a straight line street or track competition that includes a sprint trick called dragging. The cars involved vary from regular vehicles to dragsters, and their target is to sprint and beat opponents as soon as possible. Drag racing is performed on a short distance track, generally within 200 or 400 meters.

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