The Reasons Behind The Steering Wheel Shake During Braking


If you are someone who loves their car, you must be aware of the numerous problems which you have to bear while riding them. Yes, driving a car is a fantastic experience, but there are many problems which make your life miserable. The shaking of the steering wheel when you try to hit the brakes is one of them. So the question arises why does your steering wheel shakes when you apply the brake?

There are many common problems which are the prominent reasons which make your steering wheel shake while braking. If your brake pads are worn out or if your gauge pins are dry this problem might occur. Below we look at some of the reasons which result in this trouble. Most of these problems can be taken care of in your garage itself with a set of necessary tools.

Why Does Steering Wheel Shake & How To Solve It?

The Reasons Behind The Steering Wheel Shake During Braking
The Reasons Behind The Steering Wheel Shake During Braking

One reason which can lead to this problem is the performance of your callipers. To get rid of this, you have to collapse them. You can start by hitting the emergency brake and placing your car safely on the jack. After this open the hood and remove the lid of the reservoir. When you are done with this, remove the tyre and put constant pressure on the pistons of the calliper. Make sure that you only perform this action on a single wheel at a time.

You can also work on the problem of steering wheel shaking by obliterating the calliper. Remove the bolts for the calliper and then remove it. To be safe, you can hang them up to prevent them from damaging the brake line.

You can also move forward by just removing the calliper bracket. They come with bigger bolds and can be quickly done away with. You will also have to remove the thread locker to deal with them. To complete this step, you either need a torch or an impact gun.

How Can You Prevent It?

The Reasons Behind The Steering Wheel Shake During Braking
The Reasons Behind The Steering Wheel Shake During Braking

You can also remove the rotor to protect yourself from this problem of the steering wheel. You need to remove the bolt and get the rotor out to solve this problem. It happens many times that your worn-out rotor is the reason behind this. Once you are done with your old rotor, it is time that you get new rotors and new brakes. Your brake pads and rotor often get work out because of which the steering wheel shakes while braking. By getting a new pair of brake and rotor, you can quickly solve this problem.

It is also possible that your guide pins are extremely dry because of which you are facing this problem. To solve this issue, you will have to grease the guide pins. These guide pins are the most common culprits when it comes to this problem. Greasing them with high-quality oil can help you in solving the problem.

Apart from the brakes and rotor, you can also choose to replace the calliper. Most of the riders face the problem of the steering wheel because of a fault calliper. Make sure that you change them regularly.

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