This Is The Most Affordable Vacuum For Your Car


Nothing is worse than a good-looking sports car that has filthy interiors. It is your responsibility to keep your car looking great both inside and out. This is where the Armor All Utility Vacuum comes in. It is by far the best tool that you can buy that will make you do professional cleaning inside your car.

This Is The Most Affordable Vacuum For Your Car
This Is The Most Affordable Vacuum For Your Car

Why Is It The Best?

We have tried a lot of car vacuums before, but this one just rises above the rest. It is a powerful yet compact car vacuum that can make you reach those places that conventional vacuums just can’t. This machine gets its power from a dependable 80Hz motor that produces up to 2 hp of power. The Armor All Utility Vacuum is also perfect for both wet and dry cleaning, ensuring that you can do a thorough cleaning inside your car. Lastly, it also has a blower option in case all you need is to get rid of some dust and other loose dirt.

Complete With All The Attachments

Once you buy this tool, you will already have a complete arsenal of attachments. Here are the one that you will get.

-2.5 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum (AA255)

-10-foot cord with cord wrap

-6-Foot Long, 1.25 Inch Diameter Hose

-Reusable Cloth Filter

-Reusable Foam Sleeve

-2-in-1 Utility Nozzle

-Crevice Tool

-Deluxe Car Nozzle-

-Blower Nozzle

-Detail Brush

-Built-in Air and Noise Diffuser

-Lightweight and sturdy utility vacuum

With all these features and with the help of some cleaning solutions, your car will look neat and smell fresh.

This Is The Most Affordable Vacuum For Your Car
This Is The Most Affordable Vacuum For Your Car

Quick Tips On How To Use The Armor All Utility Vacuum

Tip # 1- The best way to go will be to use an 800 watts inverter to increase the efficiency to the motor to 80%.

Tip # 2- This might be a no-brainer some people forget about this. Always make sure that you put the debris bag before using the vacuum to prevent it from getting damaged.
Tip # 3- Read the manual first before using so that you will be able to know the best way to use it and also the best ways to take care of it.

The Best Deal In The Market Right Now

Stop wasting your money. If you always go to a car detailing shop to get your car spotless, you know how expensive it is. With this machine, you can now do a professional cleaning job of your car at home and by yourself. And you can do it with no hassle for you at all. All you need to do is to buy some detailing brushes and also some top-rated cleaning solutions and you are good to go.

And we know you will be happy to know that this powerful tool is only $39.99. This is one of the cheapest vacuum in the market right now but it is also one of the most dependable. So if you are looking to have that professional clean in your car at all times without spending too much, the Armor All Utility Vacuum is perfect for you.

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