Toyota Sports Cars: All About It -

Toyota Sports Cars: All About It

Toyota has always been our favorite pick in terms of sports cars over the years. Car enthusiasts around the world have been shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to get their hands on a piece of history. The great selection of speed to choose from is the reason for its popularity. Some of the best Toyota sports cars are the Supra MKIV, the 2000 GT, the Celica GT-Four Carlos Sainz edition, the GT86, and the AE86.

Toyota Sports Cars: All About It
Toyota Sports Cars: All About It

Each of these cars had a special moment in history: the 2000GT, one of the first world-class sports cars from Japan. The curvaceous design is gorgeous to look at. By the time Toyota came into the market, it has been producing cars for a very long time. The Toyota 2000GT was the very first sports car of Toyota. Many of its features took their cues from European rather than Japanese trends, which gave the newcomer an air of refinement. After all, even if the 2000GT was new, the concepts it employed were time-tested classics. Twenty years later, the Toyota MR2 became Toyota’s first car to utilize a mid-engine layout. Actual parts used in the “Mister Two” were all pulled from one previous Toyota model or another, resulting in a sort of kit-car philosophy. Here is the list of some of the best Toyota sports cars.

Toyota S800

The S800 was Toyota’s first proper sports car. Power for the S800 came from a 0.8-liter, two-cylinder horizontally opposed engine. The car weighed less than 1,300 pounds, making a modest 44 hp. It was a two-seat Targa that featured a lift-out roof panel.

Toyota 86

Introduced in 2012, the Toyota 86 is also sold as the Subaru BRZ. Built as a back-to-basics sports car, the lightweight GT86 is a rear-wheel-drive two-door vehicle with an emphasis on driving fun. Power comes for a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine making 200 hp.

Toyota Sports Cars: Soarer Turbo

Although there were four generations of Soarers, it was the turbocharged versions that set new standards in performance and luxury. In 1988, two turbocharged engines were offered in the Soarer, but it was the inclusion of the 1JZ 2.5-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine in 1991 that made this car a rocket. Best of all, it could be had with a manual transmission.

Toyota Sprinter Trueno And Corolla Levin (AE86)

The inspiration for the Toyota GT86, the AE86 versions of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno, and Corolla Levin have become legends in the compact tuner world. Used as a basis for everything from drift cars to time attack monsters, the AE86 in stock form came with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine that made between 112 and 128 hp depending on region and year.

Toyota GT-One

Toyota Sports Cars: All About It
Toyota Sports Cars: All About It

Only two of these road-legal race cars were ever made, but the GT-One showed just what Toyota was capable of. Needing to be built to serve homologation purposes for competition at the 24 hours of LeMans, the GT-One road car features a mid-mounted 3.6-liter turbocharged V8 engine that makes upwards of 600 hp.

Toyota Sports Cars: Supra Turbo

The Supra is easily Toyota’s ultimate halo car. It’s the sports car most associated with the brand, and the one everyone wants Toyota to revive. First introduced in 1978, despite featuring some unique sheet metal, the Supra was more of a sporty model option on the Celica than its model.

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