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Tyres And Grip In Sports Cars

Tyres And Grip In Sports Cars

The grip is a thing that keeps the car on the road. It allows the car to accelerate and change the speed. It enables it to turn corners and then stop again. A driver needs to find the limit of control of the car to continue driving at it. A good sports car needs a good tire which has a good grip. Tires and grip in the car hand in hand. The better the Tyre the better the grip and vice-versa.

Factors Affecting The Grips Of The Car

Basically, there are three factors that affect the control of the sports car when it is running on the circuit. First of all, the grip can be affected by the coefficient of friction Which is between the tire and the track. This depends upon the type of asphalt used for making the track. Next is the size of the contact patch which affects the grasp of the tires of the car. This means that if the size of the contact patch between the Tyre and the track is more, then the grip shall be more. Lastly, the load on tire also affects the tire’s control. This means that the heavier the car the more shall be the grip. But this does not mean that you can add as much load as you want in the car. A car will obviously need to decelerate or brake, and then turn and accelerate the weight again. Therefore, one should not add more weight in order to increase the grasp.

Tyres And Grip In Sports Cars
Tyres And Grip In Sports Cars

Limit Your Speed

While driving if the driver ignores the concept of grip then gripping can change to skidding very quickly. Skid then affects the front Tires or the rear Tyres. So you need to immediately reduce the speed to gain the grip.

Ensuring Perfect Grip

Car is provided with perfect control by its tires. One should regularly check the health of the car. One should always go for a good quality rubber tire. Check the damage in the tire and replace them when necessary. Select a tire which is highly rated in providing good control. Also, ensure that they are made of the compounds which offer better hold.

Tyres And Grip In Sports Cars
Tyres And Grip In Sports Cars

Factors Which Affect The Coefficient Of Traction

  • The composition of material which is used to make the tracks.
  • Contaminants in the material such as lubricants and adhesives.
  • The motion of the tractive surface as a sliding object has less traction than a non-sliding object.
  • For surfaces with low friction, the control can be increased by using traction devices that penetrate a little into the surface and increases the hold.

Dangers Of Using Old Tyres

The grooves present in the tires prevent them from skidding. Well, a good Tyre will ensure a better and stable driving experience for sure. An old Tyre can burst anytime because it becomes inefficient to hold air inside. There are more puncture chances in old Tyres. The hold of the old Tyres gets worsen and can be very risky. The brakes of the car also start performing poorly.


A good car must be equipped with good Tyres. A Tyre is the most ignored part of the car but many fail to understand that they are the lifeline of the car. They need to stay in the best condition.

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