We Have Found the Ultimate Car Vacuum Cleaner


To keep your car clean and looking great at all times, you need to have the right tools. One of the essential tools that you need to have is a handy and dependable car vacuum. This is why you need to own a HOTOR car vacuum cleaner. Do you wanna know why? Let me tell you.

You see, of all the vacuum cleaners that we have tried, this one from HOTOR ticks all the items in our checklist. This tool is effective, handy, powerful, durable, and stylish. We are pretty sure that you are also looking for the same things for a vacuum cleaner. This is why you should really check out this product.

Effective Interior Cleaner

The 106 watts motor does a great job in giving this equipment that power that it needs to perform its tasks. It can suck all the dust, loose dirt, food particles, hair, and other stuff inside your car with relative ease. You can use it cordless for those quick jobs or use the long cord if you are about to do some long thorough cleaning. With its power and free attachments, you can even clean those hard to reach places with no hassle at all.

We Have Found the Ultimate Car Vacuum Cleaner
We Have Found the Ultimate Car Vacuum Cleaner

Handy and Convenient

The HOTOR car vacuum cleaner is a compact vacuum that is almost 14 inches in length. This means that you can bring it on those long trips. You just need to make sure that it is fully charged before you throw it in your trunk. The set comes with a carrying bag where you can put the vacuum, nozzle set, cord, and Hepa filter in one place. Additionally, this set has an upgraded HEPA filter washable and durable.

Stylish Innovative Design

You old car vacuum might still work, but aren’t you a little ashamed carrying it around with you on trips? With this product, you will never have to deal with that because this vacuum looks good. It has a modern stylish design. Its construction is mostly durable plastic with a transparent portion in the middle to display the sucking power of this tool. Even the innovative nozzle set does not look like the conventional ones. It truly is a car vacuum that you will be proud of showing your friends.

We Have Found the Ultimate Car Vacuum Cleaner
We Have Found the Ultimate Car Vacuum Cleaner

Tips In Using The HOTOR Car Vacuum Cleaner

  1. You can insert the cigarette lighter plug in the DC 12v cigarette lighter inside your car to power the vacuum.
  2. Simply push the switch button forward for it to start absorbing trash, dust, and dirt in your car.
  3. Make sure that you use the correct nozzle for different areas to achieve that through clean.
  4. The cord that comes in the kit is 16.4 ft so you can reach every place in your car.
  5. For a better suction, keep the nozzle face and absorb face at a parallel level.

This Vacuum is Worth Every Penny

If you are looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner, then you should really check out the HOTOR car vacuum cleaner. We have provided for you a link above so you can find more details and even some customer reviews about this car. We can say that for now, this car vacuum offers the best value in the market. And it would be awesome if you could enjoy that great value.

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