What Are The Best Luxury Car Brands in The World?


In the automobile world, Luxury car brands are unique in presentation and luxurious experience. There are a wide range of luxury cars available in the market and trending these days. Moreover, each luxury car brand has something unique to offer.

Some well-known luxury car brands are Bently, Lamborghini, Porsche, Lexus, Bugatti, and many more. Listed below are some of the luxury car brands which are most loved passenger car brands on the road.

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Mercedes Benz

Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler are the founders of the company. The brand name was first used in 1926 under the name Daimler- Benz. The introduction of the latest technologies in car making has gained the reputation of Mercedes. One such example is the introduction of the anti-breakage system. In fact, in 2018, it sold 2.31 million cars becoming the most prominent luxury brand. Mercedes Benz follows a tagline which says the best or nothing.


Jaguar Land Rover

What Are The Best Luxury Car Brands in The World?
What Are The Best Luxury Car Brands in The World?


The British are the makers of this car brand. Moreover, this company’s business started in 1922 with the manufacturing of motorcycle sidecars under the name swallow side care company.  The model, SS 2 ½ liter sports saloon of jaguar, appeared in September 1935.


Landrover is known to the world as a British icon. Moreover, the company was awarded in 2001 with the Queen’s Award for contributing to international trade. It was known for making military cars earlier, and later it adopted the traits of it to the passenger car, which led to making rover a luxury car brand.

Rolls Royce

It is one of the oldest car brands in the world. Charles Royce and Henry Royce found it. The car specializes in luxury customization of the exterior, and as well as the interior of the vehicle. The unique fact about this car brand is that, it’s every single engine is handmade, and the coachline is also handpainted. 65% of all the rolls Royce built till date are still on roads.


It is a german company found in 1916, which was earlier into manufacturing of aircraft engine.  The best part about the brand is their minute detailing of every bit, which makes arching more beautiful and perfect. Also, as the tagline “designed for driving pleasure” itself suggests, the company is known to have a luxury driving experience and user-friendly services.


A person named Bolong has introduced this Italian brand in the year 1914. People regard it as one of the leading luxury brands in the world which aim to provide”, signature sounding power, bespoke interiors, effortless, timeless Italian style accommodation with also Ultra-luxury performance. These are also the critical traits of the car, which makes it different from other leading brands. The proper combination of luxury and power in the making of this brand has gained a reputation for the cars.

What Are The Best Luxury Car Brands in The World?
What Are The Best Luxury Car Brands in The World?


Apart from the brands stated above, there are many other luxury brands which have other things to offer. But the ones stated above have a huge customer market. Each brand has a different area of strength.  These cars provide comfort with also the best of engine and technology, which makes them fall under the luxury category. Depending on the requirement and choice, you can also choose the best brand for you. Moreover, the features, different making methods, and passenger comfort are making these brands as luxurious car brands.

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