Your Proper Electric Cars Or Automatic Sport Cars Buying Guide


Automatic electric cars come in various sizes and form, color, shapes, and multiple factors. The essential elements that you should remember are its average daily mileage, public charging points, its infrastructure, etc. Some researched showed that only 100 of 5% drivers who drive these cars prefer fossil-fuel. And when people buy an EV, they go for a higher-priced one. But once you encounter the positivity of an EV, you will forget about everything due to its clean design and lower running cost. If you are new to thing automatic sports cars world, let me tell you some buying tips in this guide.

Your Proper Electric Cars Or Automatic Sport Cars Buying Guide
Your Proper Electric Cars Or Automatic Sport Cars Buying Guide
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Have you heard that the UK government is offering £4500 off zero-emissions cars for quite sometimes now? And the  Plug-In Car Grant is making the highest-ever purchases and showroom costs. One study showed that they have over 167,000 plug-in EVs on their normal roads since the year 2011. From January 2011 to autumn 2018, they charged a higher revolution in the car’s system. Unfortunately, the plug-in hybrid vehicles are no longer accepted by the government terms. And that is the reason why  EVs is giving you a maximum of £3500 discount, or sometimes it also gets a little low.

Our Guide For The Best Electric Cars 2019

Electric cars are pure jewels because they can save you a lot of money each year by excluding the road tax. And if you want to know how far it can go with a single charge, then I  should tell you that this figure depends on the battery size of your EV model. Small batteries like the VW e-Up, can take you 100 miles or so. And bigger batteries which you can find in Hyundai Kona Electric will offer you more than that. However, these figures are changing every year since the quality of the car is also evolving along with that.

Your Proper Electric Cars Or Automatic Sport Cars Buying Guide
Your Proper Electric Cars Or Automatic Sport Cars Buying Guide

We have divided the electronic vehicle category into various details like budget, lifestyle, and green credential demands. So check out.

Tesla Model 3 

The Tesla Model 3 is new in the UK and can be the least expensive one among the other models from the same brand. It claims to give you a 254-mile, and you can gear up to 0-60mph in only 5.3sec. Moreover, it has that autopilot driving assistance system.


It has a high-cost design than what you can come across in other electronics cars, but it won’t disappoint you. Just in the same term, it is available for £21,495 in the UK market and in the USA too. However, the reasonable price for an EV should be around £24,995, but this one is a bit high, maybe. Still, it is comfortable for some families because it can gear up to 0-62mph in 8.5sec, and can go up to 163 miles in a single battery charge.

Audi e-Tron 

Audi is just good at everything. Its driving manners, battery, styles, design, etc. The Audi e-Tron electric vehicle model provides super-fast performance, and you can go up to 248 miles in a single charge.

Which among these electric cars models did you like the most?

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